Niagara Memorial Militaires Alumni Brass and Percussion Ensemble

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

The Militaires are looking for brass players.

If you have experience playing a brass instrument or would like to learn, please contact us and let us know your interest. All are welcome as we move forward for 2024.

The Militaires will be doing parades riding on a trailer instead of marching so that we can concentrate on our music and accomodate our members who are not able to walk long distances.

We will be performing a number of popular pieces including the 60's smash hit by Petula Clark, DOWNTOWN, YMCA, CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU, and TWIST AND SHOUT. We also perform in several winter parades with a few holiday tunes.

We can supply a Duty Bugler for Last Post Duty for Veteran's funerals and Royal Canadian Legion services in the Niagara Region. Fee to be discussed with the bugler.

Music is arranged and taught by Harold McJury (Brass) and Rick Allen (Percussion)

Do you miss your old Drum Corps days? Remember how you enjoyed performing but for one reason or another, you had to give it up?

Perhaps you were off to college, moved away, got a job, got married and started a family or just plain aged out. Well, NOW is the right time to come back and enjoy yourself even more by joining the Niagara Memorial Militaires Alumni Brass and Percussion Ensemble!!

There are no summer tours, no long bus rides, no contests every weekend and no marching. We perform for "ourselves" as well as for the public!!

The Militaires is made up of former members of some of Ontario's finest Jr. and Sr. Drum Corps. We have all skill levels and would love to welcome you to our group.