About - Rehearsals

Please Arrive On Time

Rehearsals are held at the Legion Br. 479 Located at 5603 Spring St in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

We are in the basement auditorium. Come straight through the legion main floor to rear of building and downstairs. You will see the Drum room and Stores to the right left to the auditorium area. PLEASE RESPECT THE NO HEADGEAR REQUIREMENT OF THE LEGION ON THE MAIN FLOOR Thank You

Glocks - will practice on the first floor in their usual room, if not available the Legion Office will be used.

Drums - will practice in the Drum Area and Hall benches outside the stores area.

Guard - will use the downstairs drill hall area

Brass - will be in the upper hall, except when prebooked

Ensemble will always be in the Brass Area

Wednesday's 7pm Rehearsal