The Militaires rehearse on Wednesday evenings at the Branch 479 Legion, 5603 Spring St, Niagara Falls, Ontario from 7PM to approximately 9PM.

In the event that rehearsal is cancelled, an email will be sent out to the membership and a notification will be posted on our Facebook page.

There are no membership fees. We generally perform about 10 to 12 times per year in various parades and events in the Niagara Region. When we perform in parades, we do not march. We perform in comfort, seated on our covered trailer.

We welcome new members 18 years of age and up, but do have special provisions for those under 18. There are openings in all sections and we welcome all instruments and skill levels.

Some drum corps or marching band experience or musical experience in brass, percussion or keyboards is desireable, but we are willing to train and have the tools to do so.

We offer positions in bugle, drum and glockenspiel sections. We will provide the instruments, music and uniforms. We welcome those with their own other instruments to join also and will provide you with the music and uniforms.

Experiencing the exciting world of musical performance is a feeling that never subsides.

It is realized that many come from other places, we also know that some have not played in years. Some members have taken a 40 year break in playing and you would be suprised how fast the lips and arms, wrists etc come back and how much is remembered.

There is plenty of time for group and section work to get new members caught up and older members to be familiar with what we are playing.

We also understand that life and family come first. We ask only a few things of our members:

  • Respect the people you are performing with
  • Make every effort to attend rehearsals and performances
  • Inform us if you are unable to attend a rehearsal or performance
  • Respect the instruction staff
  • Respect the equipment you are using
  • Respect the Facility that we have been allowed to use
  • Most of all: enjoy your time with us