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Horns Used By The Corps

Soprano Bugle
- Soprano voice and it would be related to the trumpet

Mellophone Bugle
- Alto Voice and it would be related to the mellophone in a marching band
- Can be a sub for the French Horn

Baritone Bugle
- The Tenor Voice - would be related to the concert baritone, deep rich sound

ContraBass Bugle
- The Bass Voice - would be related to the Tuba, but is bell forward & played from the shoulder

All the bugles are in the Key of G and use the same fingerings as the trumpet or treble clef baritone horn. The music is all written in the treble clef.

Our horns are an eclectic collection that came from various sources, including donations and some Olds, King Dynastys and Kanstuls both 2 and 3 valve that have been purchased from as far away as California and the east coast.

The soprano line is all 3 valve as are the mellophones and the Baritones.

Contras are still 2 valve.

Drums Used By The Corps

The drum section is set up in the traditonal 1960's format of snare single tenor bass drum rudimental bass drum, cymbals. The section plays in the rudimental style of drumming.

Glockenspiels Used By The Corps

The glocks used by the corps are from the UK and are of the lighter style.


Royal Canadian Legion Branch 479 - Spring St. Niagara Falls

The Ontario Trillium Foundation